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Our Vision:

  • To eradicate illiteracy in all our students and young adults through individual and group learning
  • To develop social and leadership skills programs through education, religion, and community involvement
  • To promote and maintain internet access as a research tool and foster global learning
  • To build a library and a technology center
  • To establish a building fund for a multi-purpose community center
  • To empower and inspire our youths “to battle with the brains and not the bullets.”
  • To promote and support religion as an avenue of worship and community togetherness


Core Values:

  • Provide and practice high ethical standards
  • Promote respect, integrity, and tolerance for all people regardless of social, academic, or economic status


Please explore this site and make a concerted effort to further the causes of our Motto: “Developing, nuturing, fostering, and sustaining fragile minds through literacy, fellowship, and community involvement.”

Read more about our programs and how you can get involved.

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